Our mission: to inspire and empower people to create a fairer world by tackling prejudice, busting myths and bringing people together.

We care about you, the parent who is left behind worrying about your child while they are abroad. We also care about your child and seek to help them to be safe when they are out there and have a fulfilling, rewarding experience. We want you to be proud of them; they want you to be proud of them. That’s why we have created G.A.P.



Co-founder, Managing Director

Manuel Delgado is co-founder and manager director of Gap Advice for Parents (G.A.P), a gap year consultancy service based in Bristol. He is the creator of the planning system ‘From the bigger picture to the smaller details; gap year planning made easy’. He graduated from the University of Lima, Peru where he received a BA in Business and Management.

After graduation and a stint managing the family business, Manuel relocated to Cuzco, Peru, famous as the centre of the Inca empire, to pursue new opportunities. It was here that he became a jungle guide taking tourists to the biosphere reserve of el Manu in the Amazon basin, one of the most biodiverse places on earth.

After five years guiding in the Amazon and living with the local tribes he moved to England to become an expedition leader and gap year leader. Manuel has since led more than twelve expeditions to five different continents and has received exceptional feedback for his work with volunteers and gappers. His professionalism and deep knowledge of all related to travelling have been paramount for his success in this industry

Manuel has also worked as an assistant manager for a research facility in Costa Rica, where he was involved with the protection of sea turtles and the local ecosystem. Furthermore, he’s worked as a consultant and trained volunteers for different projects in the Caribbean jungle of Belize, Costa Rica and Nicaragua as part of environmental efforts by five countries to create a jungle corridor in Central America

Manuel works on a freelance basis for an expedition company giving presentations to parents of young adults ready to go on a gap year of their own.


Co-founder, Gap Year Researcher

Rebecca Hyett is the co-founder and researcher for Gap Advice for Parents (G.A.P), a gap year consultancy service based in Bristol. She holds a Certificate in Higher Education in Steiner Waldorf Education from The University of Plymouth.

Rebecca started off working in the training and recruitment sector primarily working as a personal advisor for 18 – 24 year olds, helping them overcome various personal factors that were hindering their ability to gain sustainable employment. She has also been a trainer, teaching individuals how to improve their employability.

She first entered the world of gap year travel as an assistant expedition leader on a volunteer project in the cloud forests of the Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, where she helped young volunteers get the most from their experience by offering them support and mentoring when needed, as well as ensuring the project ran smoothly.

She has volunteered in environmental projects in Belize, Guatemala and Nicaragua and has travelled from Northern California down to Ecuador.

Rebecca knows from experience how valuable a well-planned gap year is and she believes that all parents and children should be able to plan a gap year with ease, together.