Cuba: Gardens of the Queen – one of the world’s last healthy ecosystems

Cuba: Gardens of the Queen A beautiful story of how a protected reef became one of the world's last healthy ecosystems. Cuba's Gardens of the [...]

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New range of surf & home products made in the UK from recycled ocean plastic

I have been on a journey of discovery for quite a while. As a surfer for over 30 years I love the sea, I grew up in [...]

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Innovators can win $1 million to prevent ocean plastics

We were excited to discover this amazing new initiative called "The New Plastics Economy". The initiative is led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in collaboration with a broad [...]

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Ecotribo Eco Designs of the year. This stuff will change the world.

I would say the 'Beasley designs of the year', held at the Design Museum, London, is one of the most important shows of the year. [...]

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Introducing Ecotribo ‘Fire Cluster’ Pendant Lamps

Designing with carefully selected up-cycled or recycled materials is at the forefront of my design ethos. The Ecotribo ‘Fire Cluster’ pendant lamps demonstrate the individual grain [...]

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Turning greenhouse gas into gasoline MIT are working on a new catalyst which provides design principles for producing fuels from carbon dioxide emissions. Read more [...]

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10 Reasons to use Bee Friendly Rape Seed Oil and where to get the best stuff

Love bees, nature and healthy living? My partner and I have started to move away from Olive Oils using the local British rapeseed oil for [...]

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From a coffee table to a diner table in 1 second.

We celebrate beautiful design here at Ecotribo. Check out this elegant, functional table made with high quality components and materials. View the video and help [...]

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Hello world!

Welcome to the Ecotribo blog and news section.

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Simple solutions to environmental problems-Creating Bee Highways & Nature Corridors

Ecotribo are passionate about finding simple solutions to environmental problems. We believe that governments won't save our planet but people like you and me implementing simple, [...]

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