Regenerative design & products with purpose.

An eco-design company, based in Bristol, United Kingdom. We are designing and making our own products with recycled ocean plastics, and other eco-materials as well as helping other businesses on their sustainability journey. 

The ‘Oceana’ plant pot is now being made in small unique batches from 100% recycled ocean plastics. Our mission is to help promote positive outcomes for coastal communities by cleaning our oceans, promoting recycling and demonstrating how people and businesses can renew, recycle, restore and regenerate the planet and the economy. 10% of profit go directly towards our coastal cleanup charities to help with education and outreach programs.

How we make our ocean plastic plant pots

Ocean plastic cleaned and processed

Creating and building businesses and products that help people and the planet. We believe a business should give value to customers, create wealth and abundance for communities whilst being considerate to the oceans and earth that sustains us.  

We are excited to be a part of the @realpreciousplastic community, come join us. You can follow on Instagram or sign up for the newsletter to find out more.

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