Research in action

Ecotribo LTD has been around as a design business since 2011. Director, Tyrone Probert has been working in the design and creative industries for over 20 years with some of the worlds best-loved brands as a creative director, art director and digital designer.

When it comes to creating an ‘eco’ business, there has been a lot of talk and minimal action. I’m proud to be a ‘doer’ as it’s in the field that real change happens. I research, experiment, prototype and I make things better by doing rather than talking. My mission is to ‘Clean our seas and plant positivity’ through action.

Cleaning our seas planting positivity
Cleaning our seas planting positivity

Ecotribo is a founding member of the OceanX project working with Rideguard to manufacture the worlds first bicycle mudguards made from ocean plastics. Involved in a number of ocean cleaning, recycling initiatives in Cornwall, Scotland and Europe – making and developing a plant pot made from recycled ocean plastics.

Whilst recycling is an important element Ecotribo has explored and created its own biomaterials to find alternatives to plastic. It also has its own T-shirt and clothing range made from recycled organic T-shirts – all printed with water-based inks in a local factory running on sustainable wind-powered energy.

I keep busy, this is an emergency after all! I’m passionate about finding positive solutions to waste and helping put other brands on their sustainable journey. I can help with product development, manufacture as well as marketing. Check out the ‘Deity’ Mudguard video below for the OceanX campaign. I helped with product development, design and social media and regularly liaise and collaborate with other brands wanting to find eco-friendly solutions for their business. 

Check out some of the latest projects in the gallery. If you are passionate about the environment and creating a sustainable business get in touch.

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