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Ocean plastic plant pot – Rough Edge with white marble seam

Ocean plastic plant pot – Rough Edge with white marble seam


Unique plant Pots made from 100% recycled Ocean plastic. Made using a hand injection machine using recycled ex fishing gear and ropes.

The pots are 14.5cm diameter size pots and are perfect for your favourite medium indoor plants, herbs, succulents. Each one is unique and made with love in my Bristol workshop and made from plastic that may otherwise end up in landfill or the ocean. 10% of profits go towards ocean-based charities.


A beautiful, unique designer plant pot made from recycled ocean plastics which are collected from British beaches and turned into ocean plastic plant pots.

Made with a beautiful green aqua colour from recycled fishing nets, unique rough edge (no 2 are the same) with a white marbled seam.
Handmade in Bristol using a precious plastic hand injection machine using 100% recycled ex fishing gear and ropes.

We work closely with local Cornish & Scottish ocean plastic/ghost net recovery programs. We’re also working with and collaborating with organisations to continue to find solutions to the UK’s ocean plastic waste. It’s my intention to turn the tide on ocean plastic pollution and bring nature back into our lives. Each pot you purchase helps us continue this important work – Cleaning our seas and planting positivity.

Every single product is hand made and uniquely coloured meaning that no two will ever be the same. The beautiful effect and colouration that is created by the process are totally unique and part of the beauty of recycling ocean plastics! All packaging and shipping materials are 100% plastic-free. Each pot comes with a small card explaining its providence and materials. We encourage you to keep and reuse the packaging wherever possible.


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