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Recycled Ocean Plastic Plant Pot & Tree

Recycled Ocean Plastic Plant Pot & Tree


A beautiful unique designer plant pot made from recycled ocean plastics and a tree in your name. Each pot is handcrafted from recycled fishing nets and tackle found around the shores of the United Kingdom. Made using a hand plastic injection machine using 100% recycled ex fishing gear and ropes creating a highly unique and beautiful object to perfectly compliment your favourite plant. We will also plant a tree in your name in a Bristol Park.

This pot has a white seam in the middle made from recycled white bottle tops and blue nets for the main body. The pots are 14.5cm diameter size pots and are perfect for medium indoor plants, herbs and succulents.


A beautifully unique, designer plant pot made from recycled ocean plastics. Each plant pot is handcrafted from recycled abandoned fishing nets and bottle tops in Bristol. We will do things differently to celebrate Black Friday 2022 with this pot and SPONSOR A TREE IN A BRISTOL PARK. We want to recycle waste and grow positivity with this special one-off offer. Possibly the most expensive plant pot on the market, only for one day. We will do things differently and not offer a discount on our pots but a more expensive one with added value. What better way to celebrate the life of a loved one, mark the birth of a child, or commemorate any significant life event than to receive this unique plant pot and sponsor a Celebration Tree in a local park or green space? In partnership with Bristol City Council, we will plant and maintain a tree in one of the city’s parks on your behalf. So not only will you get a unique and special plant pot for your home but a tree in your favourite Bristol Park. Choose the exact spot of your Celebration Tree in the park from our pre-approved locations. It’s a scheme we are offering in conjunction with our local council, and you can find out more here: Please reach out if you are interested in buying this unique pot with your details, and we will ensure the tree is planted and personally deliver the plant pot to your home in Bristol.


Each one is unique and made with love in my Bristol workshop and made from plastic that may otherwise end up in landfills or the ocean. We work closely with local Cornish and Scottish ocean plastic/ghost net recovery programs. The material I use in the pots helps fund important marine conservation work. We collaborate with organisations to continue to find solutions to ocean plastic waste, tackling marine plastic pollution by monitoring, researching, developing, recycling and providing educational outreach.

It’s my intention to turn the tide on ocean plastic pollution and bring nature back into our lives. Each pot you purchase helps us continue this important work – Cleaning our seas and planting positivity.

Every single product is handmade and uniquely coloured meaning that no two will ever be the same. The beautiful effect and colouration that is created by the process are totally unique and part of the beauty of recycling ocean plastics!

All packaging and shipping materials are 100% plastic-free. Each pot comes with a small card explaining its providence and materials. We encourage you to keep and reuse the packaging wherever possible.


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