Transforming ocean plastic waste into recycled ocean plastic plant pots

Transforming ocean plastic waste into recycled ocean plastic plant pots

Ocean plastic plant Pot

For many years we have been working towards how we can turn the tide on ocean plastic and marine waste with design and creative thinking. A small business in Bristol, we started our sustainable journey from humble beginnings in utilising waste materials for our fire cluster lamps, created the ‘Ocean Chair’ in 2018 and now our latest plant pot made with 100% recycled ocean plastic waste called ‘Oceana’. It’s been a long journey of discovery putting one foot in front of the other facing one challenge at a time.

Oceana – A plant pot made from the ocean plastic waste we find on our beaches

Winning the war on ocean plastic & empowering coastal communities

It’s our mission to use beautiful design and creative business thinking to empower coastal communities, clean our coasts of plastic pollution and demonstrate solutions through positive action. We believe our plant pot is the beginning of a beautiful story in the war on plastic and ocean pollution. We hope to inspire people with a positive story of a battle that was won recently in the war on ocean plastics.

Along the coast of northern Scotland in a beautiful area called Balnakeil bay, a ghost net has laid buried in the sand dunes for 10 years. As each tide moved in the sand would bury it deeper and deeper. A small and little known charity called that has been cleaning and monitoring marine debris in the area for years came across this massive net.

Cleaning Balnakeil bay
Plastic@bay cleaning Balnakeil bay of ghost nets and ocean plastics

It quickly became clear that it was much bigger than expected. Spread over 100m of the beach, It was buried deep under the sand so they would have to monitor it and cut off what they could to prevent marine animals from getting entangled. It was a slow and painful process.

Cleaning our seas planting positivity

In early February 2020, there was a huge storm that would change things. The winds moved across the coast whipping up the sea and creating massive swells which surged onto the beach. Soon the dunes had shifted and moved and the net was released from the clutches of the sand. Within days Julien, Joan and their team had freed the net and collected several hundred kilograms. For nearly a year the net has been washed by storms and rain stored and is finally being cleaned and processed. The net was progressively cut, dried and shredded and is now being turned into our ‘Oceana’ ocean plastic plant pot.

The ‘Oceana’ – A plant pot made from recycled ocean plastics

The material was dispatched a few weeks ago and is now being made into our designer plant pots. We are humbled by all the work the charity does on the ground and happy to support their work. It has always been a dream of mine to turn trash into treasure and demonstrate how we can turn ocean waste into a valuable resource.

I am now making a small batch of these plant pots and aim to scale and grow the business with a product range of plant pots and other products. Each plant pot is made from recycled ghost net plastics creating a beautiful and unique item for your home. The material is super strong, the colours are beautiful and totally unique. We pay a premium for the material which provide a sustainable income to the charity and community. A percentage of the profits also go towards charity which provides an income to support further work and research.

Ocena Plant pot made from recycled ocean plastics
Plant pot made from 100% recycled Ocean plastics

So all around it is a beautiful circular recycled material story creating wealth and abundance for coastal communities, helping nature and germinating smiles in peoples homes. thank you for joining us on the journey and for your continuing support.

Simple solutions to environmental problems-Creating Bee Highways & Nature Corridors

BeeHighways 450

Ecotribo are passionate about finding simple solutions to environmental problems. We believe that governments won’t save our planet but people like you and me implementing simple, well-designed, eco-friendly ideas into their lives. This is what we do, we conceive and implement ideas that make a positive difference to our environment. We are developing an exciting new product in the health and beauty sector that aims to massively reduce plastics in our environment. It could be huge and we want to get it right, so please be patient. In the meantime, we’ve been getting involved in another smaller, but beautifully simple and effective eco initiative – making bee highways and natural habitats in our neighbourhood.

Since the late 1990’s, beekeepers around the world have noticed the Bees decline. This has been caused by bee-killing pesticides used in industrial agriculture, parasites/pathogens, climate change and continuing urbanisation. To protect our bees and agriculture we all know we need to move away from destructive industrial agriculture towards ecological farming. You can help by talking to your MP and get your local council to stop using bee-harming pesticides in local parks, promote eco-farming and help create natural habitats for them in urban areas. That’s where we got involved!

The problem needs a multifaceted approach for sure. At Ecotribo we believe in finding solutions that everyone can do. Simple ideas that can have big  solutions, so we got off our asses and decided to get involved…

Working with the local community and organisations such as TRESA here in Totterdown we have started building a Bee highway which we hope will continue to grow across the city of Bristol and the United Kingdom. Solutions don’t need to be complicated so anyone can get involved! By building these pallet planters and placing them across the city we are increasing the bees natural habitat and ensuring their survival.

We simply upcycled wooden pallets we found around the local hood and which were also kindly donated by our local woodyard people at Selco. You can find various instructables to help give you all the details and instructions to make your own planters and help us grow the bee highway not only here in Bristol but around the world. So if you love nature, bees and a bit of green, get involved and make your own! We would love to see your planters so please send us a link in the comments section or tweet us at

Go bees!